Affinion Solutions to make your business better

At Affinion Group, we built our business with one goal in mind: to make your business better.

Just ask any of our 5300 satisfied clients, including 18 of the top 20 financial institutions in the country. With more than 70 million Americans served by our retail programs, 1 billion customer contacts and 28 million individual memberships in our insurance, identity and data breach protection and value-added checking programs; Affinion Group's powerful revenue-generating solutions drive hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually to our clients' bottom lines.

Featuring the most comprehensive range of products, services and customized solutions available in the industry, we work to help you market more effectively, attracting new customers while retaining and enhancing relationships with the ones you already have.

Whatever business you’re in -- banking, e-commerce, retail, direct-to-consumer -- we’re in the business of increasing your revenue, for both today and tomorrow. Contact us to discuss how we can help your business succeed.

Generate Incremental and Alternative Revenue Streams

Our wide variety of membership, insurance, loyalty and value-added checking programs enables us to implement custom marketing initiatives to meet your specific needs, often at no risk and no cost to you.

  • Attract new customers with innovative products and attractive pricing.
  • Realize incremental fee income and monetize traffic from current customers through cross-sell or up-sell marketing.

Improve Customer Retention

You work hard to get customers. We work just as hard to help you keep them. Our value-added checking programs are second to none, providing you with brand new ways to recognize and retain customers.

  • Reward customers for responding to new products and thank your customers with
    valuable free gifts.
  • Cement loyalty with programs that provide identity protection services and discounts.

Expand Your Product or Service Base

All of our products can be customized to expand your brand and increase revenue. In addition, we offer world class sales, training and promotional support as well as fulfillment and distribution solutions to fit the needs of your organization.

  • Attract key segments by bundling your products with ours.
  • Protect profit margins-compete on the basis of value, not price.

Our Focus

We create a model that works for your business and your customer base. We evaluate your goals and create programs that add value as well as:

  • Generate significant incremental revenue
  • Lower the cost of customer acquisition
  • Lift conversation rates for purchases, applications, enrollments and registrations
  • Build customer loyalty & repeat business
  • Safeguard your customer's identity and personal information

How do we do it? Click below to find out more:

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Want to learn more about Affinion Group solutions? Please contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you make the most of your business.